Descriptive, Descriptive Poetry

Is This Love?

I ponder often of a curtain feeling.
I search aimlessly for a comprehensive meaning to what it could possibly be.
I could attempt to describe said feeling. However, I don’t believe the human language bares words capable of defining it.

My heart feels like a flaming star in the night sky, erupting with a burst of light to illuminate the darkness.

My fingers numbed with a tingling sensation of excitement. Fumbling hopelessly as I desperately search for words.

I hear your melodically beautiful voice and turn to see you. Bright as the sun, gorgeous as diamonds, strong as titanium. Eyes deep as the sea and beyond. Skin pale like perfect sands.

I carry not a large vocabulary, although I know having a titan sized vocab, will not aid you to understand what she means to me.

I rummage frantically through my useless brain, in hopes to find words to respond with. I move my lips but no sound is made as I’m taken afar by your heavenly presence.

You giggle in the cutest fashion and beckon for me to follow.

Has this feeling been love, all along?


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